Proposed Projects

Please check here for the latest information on proposed improvements to our water utility!

  • South Tulsa County Improvements 2019-2020

    There are plans on the drawing board for a new pump station, 12" water line and water storage tank in the Southeast portion of our District.  This project will accomodate the explosive growth we predict will occur due to a new elemetary school at 151st and Harvard and bridge planned at 131st and Yale. This project will be financed for many years and there may need to be a rate increase to fund it.

  • Capital Improvements Projects

    There are 3 capital improvements project for the upcoming year:

    a. Replace 6" Transite Waterline on Elwood from 126th to 131st

         2,700 L.F.

    b. Replace 2" PVC Waterline on 176th Street from 81st W. Ave. to Jerry Shores

        3,000 L.F.

    c. 3 Flow Meters ( 6 & 7, 10" and 6") and a third 12" will be presented at a later date